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“The simple truth is to deal with fear you need to relax. Systema has unique breathing methods to help you remain calm and deal with your fear. I highly recommend Systema for self defence.”
 - Don Barrett  former UK Special Forces

“Systema helps you to become yourself”  - Nick Lorimer

“I have been training in martial arts for over 20 years. I am a Thai boxing instructor and trained in five ancestors kungfu, I have had British title fights and club fights. Systema is a complete system that helps develop all areas of you as a person. Systema helped me in a real life situation when a group of people tried to overpower me. All I’ll say is Systema really works! Hand on heart, no other martial art I have practised comes close.”     - J Crichlow

"I though I knew how to breakfall until I came to Systema!"  - Steve, Leicester

"Your classes have helped me develop strength and confidence. Each class has taught me something new and I’ve often surprised myself!." - Danielle, Cambridge

"Systema has considerably helped me at work. It’s increased my defence skills and I’ve found it a lot
easier to deal with stressful situations" - D.G., Police Officer, Leicester

“I have practiced and taught Chinese Martial Arts for a long time. When I decided to study Systema I found I was amazed by how simple and profound the physical, mental and breath work exercises were. I am still continually amazed and regularly surprised by the breadth and depth of the material taught in class.” - Mir Ali Acupuncturist

"As always Mr Poyton gave us an amazing seminar with something for everyone"  
- Anthony Thompson, Glasgow

"The knowledge given and altogether different approach to dealing with an attack made the course thoroughly worthwhile"
- Corp Gavin Rogers RAF Regiment Unarmed Combat Display Team

"Systema breaks the boundaries of what a martial art is about"    - George Moralidis, Hatfield

"The best martial arts club I've been to"  - R Martinez USAAF Cambs

"Really enjoyed your workshop at Leicester...keep up the good work, I am very impressed with the Russian approach to teaching methods and applications"    - Steven Russell, Nottingham

"Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you for an excellent weekend training"
 - Iain Henderson, Glasgow