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Instructors Rob Poyton and Ed Phillips are available jointly or individually to run workshops, seminars or courses at your club, workplace or training facility

They are happy to cover all aspects of training, including:
 -general self defence, including weapons
 - control and restraint work
 - movement skills
 - health training, massage, mobility, breathing, stress control
 - fitness and strength
 - soft skills, awareness, body language, etc
 - attribute development
 - pressure testing / scenario work
 - situational work, cars, confined space, etc

Work can be geared to beginner or advanced/professional level. Our methods can sit alongside or on top of your existing skills / methods or provide something new for you to explore.


One-to-one or small group training is available in North Beds and Leicester. Contact Robert or Ed for details


Cutting Edge have extensive experience in running courses for a variety of organisations. Past and present clients include:

RAF Regiment Unarmed Combat Display Team

Crown Prosecution Service, Solar House, East London

Keir Group, Tempsford, Beds

Menwith Hill USAF Surveillance Base

Robert Fleming Merchant Bank, City of London

Humberside Airport Security

Arthur Mellows Sixth Form College, Peterborough

Police Training Centre, Newcastle

Dogsthorpe School, Peterborough

Peterborough County Council

Cambridge College of Arts & Sciences

Knowledge Academy GP & Healthcare Professionals training days


Staff safety has become an increasing concern for employees,particularly when dealing face to face with the general public.

To this end many companies have instituted self defence technique training for staff.  This is a positive step, but it deals only with part of the problem.

As well as being trained in physical technique, it is also importantthat staff have tools for conflict resolution. This encompasses awareness, knowledge of body language and good communication skills. The importance of fear control and the ability to remain calm under pressure should also not be undervalued.

Skill development in these areas has repercussions beyond the physical. Team building, interpersonal skills and, flexibility in the face of difficulties are just some attributes that our training can develop in your staff - attributes making them a more valued and productive member of your team.

physical and mental aspects of personal protection
control and restraint methods
"stress buster" sessions
relaxation and stretching exercises
team building and motivational training
general health and fitness training

We can tailor training to your exact specifications.